Burlington County Police Chiefs Association


Discontinuance of Service and Support to Motorola Radios



To: All Chiefs and Directors


From: Director Richard K. Dreby


Date: March 2, 2010


I am distributing this information for future service needs and budgeting purposes, the Radio Maintenance Unit of Burlington County can assist you moving forward. I apologize for this information but it is totally out of your control. 


Motorola has announced that it will be discontinuing service and support on the XTS-3000 portable in June 2010 and the Astro-Spectra mobile in December 2010. All versions of these radios issued by the County of Burlington to Police, Fire and Emergency Medical agencies and purchased by municipalities are affected this announcement.


Many radio service shops and Burlington County’s Radio Electronics Maintenance Unit can provide basic service on these devices so long as such service does not compromise its intrinsically safe rating. If you have a radio service vendor, we recommend you contact them to determine if they plan on providing service on intrinsically safe radios after Motorola service is discontinued.


While several vendors we’ve contacted have indicated that they would be purchasing parts and plan on providing service for as long as they can, they are concerned about the cost of obtaining and maintaining the certifications for repair of intrinsically safe radios. Our department continues to monitor service vendors to determine if they will service the XTS-3000 and Astro-Spectra models. We will be glad to provide any leads we may come across.


If you have specific Motorola concerns you can email the local sales representative Timothy Sindorf at tim.sindorf@comcast.net or any other questions please call Jeff Matheson at Burlington County, (609) 265-7117.